How to buy datas at moneybase

2018-02-08     Bernadette    

Hello brother! If you are buying cvv for the first time, I will write a very detailed process for you here.

  1. First you have to register an account. 
  2. After successfully registering an account,Then click on recharge and select the amount you want to recharge.
  3. Choose a payment method to pay for your recharge amount. Bitcoin payment:Pay the amount to the Bitcoin address, or use your Bitcoin wallet to scan and pay.If you do not have Bitcoin, learn how to buy Bitcoin here, or  Bank Transfer payment:When you choose Bank Transfer, please make sure your email address is correct,Because the transfer information will be sent to your mailbox.Then log in to your mailbox to view the transfer bank information.
  4. Your website balance will increase after you successfully pay the recharge amount,Log in to your account to view.

Now you can buy goods with your wallet, hope that our products can help you make a lot of money and happy life, I wish you good luck!

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