How can Chinese quickly buy bitcoin

2018-11-05     Alex Szewczyk    

Many Chinese buyers cannot use Bitcoin because China’s network environment is more complicated, so we tell them a very fast way to buy Bitcoin.

First open the huobi website when you open the website, the international version is displayed. You can set the page to be the language that suits you according to the method in the picture.

Then log in (or register an account). When you register, the website will prompt for authentication, please rest assured! This step is just to verify your identity. When you successfully acquire Bitcoin, the way you use Bitcoin will not be known to anyone. Bitcoin is a very secure way to trade,But you must choose the menu labeled 3 in the picture.

The picture below is a complete purchase step. Please remember that when you click to complete the purchase, your account will not display the Bitcoin balance immediately. At this time you need to wait…

After you have done the above, please follow the picture below. You must first click on the menu 1 and then click 2

Be sure to follow the picture below! Otherwise your bitcoin may not be able to trade!

After you have completed the above steps, please carefully follow the picture below, click on the menu 1 and you are about to complete the purchase of Bitcoin transactions!

Finally, when you trade in moneybase, please be sure to follow the instructions below. Don’t make mistakes in bitcoin address!Remember, because the bitcoin address of each transaction is a different address, every new transaction you have to do in this way, I wish you a happy! Moneybase will create wealth with you!



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