How to buy btc

Bitcoin is the most popular payment method, but some countries are not free to buy, such as China, so I will introduce here in detail a very convenient and fast way to buy bitcoin.If you are from China, it is highly recommended that you follow the method here to quickly purchase Bitcoin.

  1. First open  For countries with network blocking, please use vpn, otherwise it will not open!
  2. The website is displayed in English by default. If your English ability is insufficient, please visit the bottom of the website and change the website language to your language.
  3. The page you are visiting now is displayed in the language of your country. You must first register an account. Now you can purchase Btc more conveniently. You also need to change your country in the red mark of the picture so that you can use it for you. Payment method to buy btc.You may find that these minimum quantities are too much, not what you need, you click on all transactions.
  4. Btc price calculation, you need to convert to RMB price based on the dollar price, for example, you need to buy 80$ btc, 80$=550.4¥, so you need to fill in 550.4 here, the other amount is calculated according to this method!
  5. When you successfully purchase btc, click on your wallet icon, you will find that you already have btc, and then you can click bcc to send us btc!Remember, you can pay by the dollar(USD) amount, you don’t have to calculate how much btc you need to pay.
  6. You must follow the tags in the picture to pay, btc address must not be wrong! You must write your username or email at 2